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Jenna is a Bay Area-based Registered Veterinary Technician and Certified Professional Dog Trainer, specializing in training and handling techniques based on the tenets of applied animal behavior.


Her passion for animals began at a young age and evolved over the years— she set out to learn how to care for animals as a nurse, as well as understand how to observe, interpret, and shape their behavior as a trainer.

In 2008, she started her first business, offering services such as pet care, walking, and basic training; this has since expanded to offer behavioral consulting, animal training, boarding, and professional veterinary workshops in behavior and handling.


Jenna earned an Associates's Degree in Veterinary Technology from Minnesota School of Business, then went on to attend St. Cloud State University, where she studied toward a Bachelor's Degree in Biology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis.  

She also achieved designation as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. 


Jenna has worked in state-of-the-art hospitals as an Emergency and Critical Care Veterinary Nurse, as well as alongside leading experts of force-free, positive-reinforcement training and behavior modification.


She combines her medical experience with her knowledge of animal behavior science to give pet owners and professionals the tools they need to successfully handle animals and understand their behavior.



In progress... Stay tuned.


In progress... Stay tuned.

In progress... Stay tuned.

"I am pleased to recommend Jenna and her company.  The team has proven to be kind, trustworthy, and extremely successful. Jenna is also a Vet Tech and has done a great job with teaching Stella a few important tricks for going to the vet!"​

—Anthony Smith, client

"I would not hesitate to refer Jenna and her team to anyone who cares about their pet."

—Samantha Riley, client

"Because my dog can be difficult to handle, I will only hire dogsitters who are experienced. I found Jenna to be highly professional and very knowledgeable on how to deal with my reactive dog . . . I was very happy to have Jenna be our petsitter and I have recommended her to others."

—Theresa M., client

"Jenna went above and beyond to work with my poorly socialized rescue dog Harley. We've also boarded her, and our puppy has never been happier (or safer)."

—Jenna Homen, client

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