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Group Hikes

We get a group together to go on adventurous walks and hikes in the San Francisco Bay Area. We typically hike once a quarter somewhere in the area based on who's attending. We select a group of dogs we expect to have a positive experience together on a day out.  We invite owners to attend.  

When done correctly, dog and cat training classes can be great for socialization — we teach a variety of cues and exercises that build focus and impulse control in pets and then help generalize all behaviors so your pet understands your cues in the presence of distractions. Classes are held seasonally and scheduled based on interested parties, so if you're looking for a dog or cat class, please email through the contact page.


Classes are typically held in the spring and fall so long as the minimum number of people are signed up.  These classes are designed to accommodate pets with or without behavioral needs!  

Group Focus and Impulse Control Classes
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