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Staff will learn handling techniques and the proven scientific phenomena that makes them work. We offer a wealth of knowledge on everything from the science behind what we know about animal behavior to specific handling techniques for procedures or other treatments.


This will allow handlers to predict and respond appropriately to the animal’s behavioral communication (body language), which results in savvy handling that is proactive instead of reactive. Handlers will practice the physical techniques and how to maneuver between them so that they guide patients into cooperation, rather than handicapping them with forced restraint.


Presentation of informational lectures will be on topics related to animal behavior science, training, and handling, as well as workshops with hands-on training. Services begin with an in-hospital consultation which results in recommendations of services and a training plan. Rates for these services are based on the number of staff to be trained, the frequency of training workshops, and the location of the hospital.


Please reach out to us via email with this information and we will contact you by phone or email (your preference) and set up a time for a consultation.  All inquiries will be provided with a tailored estimate following the consult. 

Dog in a veterinary setting
  • In-hospital meeting with practice leadership/education coordinator(s) starting with a hospital tour.  You bring me and/or my team members through your hospital, show us where you think you do well, where you want to improve and what you are looking for in a workshop.  We will discuss services and a plan for moving forward as well as scheduling a date for the workshop.  

  • After this consultation, you’ll receive an estimate via email of the cost for the services chosen (below);  it is dependent on services rendered, location, and number of staff members participating in the workshop.

Full 2 Day Introductory Workshop
  • 16 hours of lecture/workshop over 2 days is a full introduction to the concept of behavior focused handling. Staff will learn the science of animal behavior and why they behave the way they do. Topics covered include an introduction to behavior modification, towel techniques for cats, and handling techniques for small and medium to large dogs.  

Half Day Workshop
  • 5 hours of lecture/workshop in 1 day. Staff will get a quick intro to the science of animal behavior, and quickly move into handling techniques that are based on this science. Towel techniques for cats and handling techniques for small and medium to large dogs are covered. 

Full Day Workshop
  • 8 – 10 hours of lecture/workshop in 1 day.  Staff will get an intro into the science of animal behavior and thoroughly cover how this allows us to predict our patients’ responses and behaviors.  In addition, staff will learn techniques for handling small to large dogs and cats based on this science.  

Hands-on Coaching
  • Half Day: 5 working in hospital alongside staff coaching and demonstrating with model patients, actual patients and/or staff patients.

  • Full Day: 8 – 10 hours in hospital alongside staff coaching and demonstrating with model patients, staff patients and/or actual patients.

                                     Please contact us using the contact form for a phone meeting and estimate of the cost. 

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