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Behavior-Focused Boarding

$60 per day for Green Dogs

$85 per day for Yellow Dogs

$125 per day for Red Dogs

See below for color code definitions. 

Your pet will stay in our home-based boarding facility in a cage-free environment*. We have a dynamic home environment with varying animals and people.  We work diligently to ensure your pet has a positive experience with all the animals and people they interact with. Feeding is twice daily, including focus and impulse control exercises before meals.


*We are not a kennel, instead, we use a Safe Separation & Comfortable Confinement™ approach taking advantage of tools like crates, tethers, and other safety barriers to ensure all pets are separated from any triggers during their stay.

Going out of town and need a reliable and safe place for your pet? Or are you looking for someone to check in on your pet while they remain within the comforts of his or her home? Our team provides behavior-focused boarding and in-home pet care — send contact form for rates and availability; be sure to include dates.


We offer pet care at our home facility as well as remote care in your home. Any problem behaviors are managed, and the pet is kept in a comfortable home atmosphere in which we practice focus cues and a Cue-Response-Reward approach to earning rewards throughout the day and 2 meal* times per day.


*No raw diets due to risk to staff and other animals.

In-Home Behavior Focused Pet Care

Includes 1 or 2 visits to the home for up to 1 hour, and applies to the care of dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, and other caged pets. Services include feeding, watering, playing, walking, cleaning cage/bedding, etc. This care caters to serving pets with behavioral or medical needs that are out of the spectrum of the typical dog sitter.  All team members care is lead by Jenna Hardy, an expert in the behavior field specializing in animal training and handling. 

Training Session During Boarding or In-Home Behavior Focused Pet Care

$175 per session. Available to clients that have had a pet behavior consultation (see behavior services).

Applied training techniques will vary per pet based on consultation. We teach and practice focus cues, foster impulse control, and focus, as well as the Request-Response-Reward concept for performing desired behaviors throughout the day. All methods used are positive reinforcement-based and scientifically sound—no confrontation, intimidation, or -based techniques are used to train.


Green Dog

  • Does not lunge, bite, or snap at other pets including cats, dogs, and small animals on or off-leash

  • House-trained; more than 6 months without the occurrence of an elimination inside

  • Does not become fearful, eliminate, or damage objects if left alone for up to 8 hours

  • Does not bark, lunge, bite or snap at people, dogs, or other stimuli

Yellow Dog

  • Does not lunge, snap or bite at other pets including cats and dogs

  • Does not lunge, snap or bite at familiar people

  • House-trained or pad-trained

  • Does not become fearful, eliminate, or damage objects if left alone for up to 4 hours if training sessions are included with the scheduled service

Red Dog

  • May bark, lunge, snap or bite at dogs, people, or other stimuli if training sessions are included with the scheduled service or a stay and train that includes muzzle and desensitization training sessions in accordance with the pet’s problem list

  • Not house-trained or pad-trained

  • Occurrence of human-directed aggression (lunge, snap, bite) within the last 6 months

  • Occurrence of predatory aggression (lunge, snap, bite) within the last 6 months

  • Cannot be left alone – shows signals of fear or anxiety, eliminates, or damages objects if left alone, separated, or confined

Stay & Train Dog

  • Minimum age of 6 months.

  • Receives constant training throughout the stay as they're assigned to a trainer daily.  

  • Training Sessions occur frequently working toward the goals of the pet's training plan. 

  • Write-up prepared after the Stay to summarize, explain next steps, and outline the training plan. 

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