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If you have a pet with a behavior issue, we will help. The first step is always an In-Home Consultation, where you can explain the problem in detail while we meet to understand your life and routine as well as to determine the exact problem behaviors and goals. After that, we’ll decide together what is the best next step in a behavioral training plan.  We'll work as a team on managing and improving problem behavior(s), including but not limited to those that stem from emotional concerns such as fear and anxiety. 

Pet Behavior Consultation

A consultation includes an assessment and a comprehensive intervention plan, tailored to you and your pet's needs and abilities. You'll fill out an in-depth questionnaire prior and an experienced professional will meet you for an in-home observation to create a personalized management and training plan. Following the consultation, you’ll receive a written assessment and recommendations for a training plan and tools via email.  

Training Session & Training Walk

Training and coaching together or with the pet at home or out on a walk, working on the exercises in your pet’s particular training plan. All methods used are based on positive reinforcement and motivation as well as scientifically sound — no confrontation, intimidation, or fear-based techniques will be used. At the end of each session, we'll discuss session notes, summarize and plan homework for the next session.  

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